Oregon Craft Chocolatiers

Oregon Craft Chocolatiers has been formed by Ronald Smith, who purchased Pegasus Gourmet Chocolates located within the Wagner Mall in Bend Oregon. Ron and his team bring a fresh and unique perspective to a business that continues today as the same going concern that was established by Frank Emerson in Newport, Oregon in 1892 by selling his handmade taffy to early beach-goers on Nye Beach.

Since taking ownership, a primary goal for the store has been to change the experience for our customers by updating our look, feel and charting a new direction for our products. We have implemented improvements to our current recipes by deleting any artificial flavors and colors and replacing them with all natural or even essential oil flavorings wherever possible. We are creating new flavor combinations to tempt your palate and expanding our product offerings to include our Artisan Barks and essential oil infused disks that will surely “ “ your perspective. And lest we not forget our latest offering, Tipsy Truffles.